Monday, 12 April 2010

Seneca College Toronto

Back to North Toronto and after arriving late at their excellent halls of residence, we met Gitte Hansen on Sunday. We spent a brilliant day looking at great quilts from the collection of Carole and Howard Tanenbaum at the Textile Museum. My goodness they put together a wonderful collection, starting as usual with one and gradually building on it. Then on to the Bata Shoe Museum, cant believe that they were making high healed shoes hundreds of years ago and what about these wonderful moccasins from the Jicarillas Apache, it would do justice to Mercury the messenger of the Gods; just imagine their flying feet. We said goodbye to Gitte as she was heading off to Beijing China with a successful student. The talk was excellent with a great informed audience and what a wonderful facility they have at Seneca which is no doubt the reason it is popular with students throughout the world.
Then to New York mind you that wasn’t so easy, rushing about to establish that I was not intending to stay in the US for the rest of my life, thanks Nathalie for sorting it all out. Alba was waiting in New York with a wonderful fish pie, which convinced me that staying in the US might be a good idea; don’t tell the nice lady at the border. What a great place NY. The next ten days were spent arranging the Embroidery Studio and Forum by Hand & Lock and Penn & Fletcher. This is where we shall be holding classes from September this year with Alba at the head and with Edward Tung a luminary from Fashion Institute of Design San Francisco and Lesage of Paris in support. All very exciting and cant wait to go back and eat more of New York’s wonderful chicken soup and of course their magnificent steaks.

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