Monday, 19 April 2010


Memphis here we come. The home of the King, what an experience!

Graceland’s was mobbed with hundreds of ageing fans with a fair sprinkling of kids and probably grand kids, keepin’ alive old Elvis’s name and fame. Amazing really but somewhat sad, from what I could see he had just about got his act together. He’d bought a serious big jet which was all his (even took his daughter to see some snow) and had just done up his kitchen and had everything going for himself when low and behold he ups and passes off to the Grand Ole Oprey in the sky (or down below).
Beale Street was exciting lots of blues and rock going on all the time. Then to the Grand Ole Oprey, the real one, in Nashville, paid a fortune to be part of a radio show with lots of adverts and listened to some very old country singers who should have been put out to grass years ago. They are probably hanging on to past glories, time to give the youngsters a chance.

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