Friday, 5 March 2010

Welcome to Texas

After a long but quite comfortable flight from Heathrow to Denton Dallas we arrived to a hero’s welcome. Of course it wasn’t for us unfortunately, but rather the troops that were coming home. After we made our way through the waving American flags, camera flashes and cheers we found ourselves lost, how lost
you might ask?
In Okalahoma lost.

Alastair being the stereotypical male refused to ask for directions and me, well I was also living to my stereotype by reading the map catastrophically wrong which concluded in us missing our point of destination by about 35 miles and a whole different state.
The next day we were off to do the first talk of the American Tour in the University of North Texas. After a slight bout of turbulence in the computer department with Alastair’s power point presentation we were off to a flying start. The students enjoyed the lecture and gave Alastair raving reviews with one student erupting into tears as she expressed how moved she was by the presentation. However the highlight of North Texas University has to be their amazing fashion archive donated by Neiman Marcus and contains pieces dating back to 1790 as well as garments worn by actresses such as Claudia Colbert, and garments belonging to prestigious fashion houses like Chanel, Lacroix, Balenciaga and many more.

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