Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University

Then it was off to Lubbock the home of Buddy Holly and other things we don’t talk about. This is a great University which I visited before, the professor there being Theresa Alexander who has a great understanding of embroidery and has been to our conferences in London and Glasgow and indeed she has left a great legacy of embroidery which has been taken up by Teresa Maria Leos. The talk was well attended and Alba started her first tentative steps to public speaking. Thanks go to Teresa Maria Leos who organized the event and Su-Jeong Hwang Shin.

We had a little time to spare so headed off to Las Vegas for the weekend a long drive with a stop at the ‘Billy the Kid’ museum although why it is called that was a mystery to us as most of it consisted of a variety of collectables from ancient cars to sewing machines and horse tackle however it did have ‘the gun that shot Billy the Kid’ who appeared to be more of a private security guard than a diabolical villain and killed by one of his own family. Las Vegas was as Las Vegas is all glitz and glamour in tacky wonderfulness. Great food was eaten and much walking through New York Paris and a variety of themed hotels but of course the Balenciaga was Alba’s favorite the fact that it had a ‘Chanel’ shop had absolutely nothing to do with it. Then off back down the road to Phoenix.

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